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Episode 384 with Mosquito Teeth, Riverside Odds, Eric Tullpo and The Curse - March 27, 2020

The long awaited return of LFS! Bob & Erawk welcome Bradley Sugarman (Mosquito Teeth, Silver Alert) , RW Hellborn (Riverside Odds), Eric Tullpo (E.D. Fanzine Show) plus Johnny and Tara from The Curse.


Here's the playlist for Episode 384:


The Pathogens - I Wanna Be In Quarantine

Dave Brockie Experience - You Want To Suck My Dick

Mosquito Teeth - Circle Pit Tourniquet

Mosquito Teeth - Bangarang (VIDEO)

The Horribles - P.A.S.C.O.

Silver Alert - I'm Tired

The Sawed Offs - Crowded Room

PIG PEN - I Don't Give A Fuck About You

PIG PEN - Road Rage (VIDEO)

The Curse - Walmaushwitz



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